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Benefits of an Office Fish Tank

Having an animal in your office might seem l 00004000 ike an unusual idea, unless you work in a zoo, but more and more businesses are choosing to install an office fish tank as a way to brighten up the workplace, boost morale and ease stress.

There are many benefits of an office fish tank, as it provides a focal point in reception or a waiting area for clients to enjoy as they arrive at your office. However, one of the main benefits of an office fish tank is that it has a significant effect in reducing levels of stress and anxiety. A 2004 study by Purdue University found that the presence of an fish tank on patients awaiting electroconvulsive therapy demonstrated a 12% reduction in self reported pre-treatment anxiety. Because of the stress reducing benefits of an office fish tank more businesses are turning to fish tank rental companies.

Fish tank rentals not only reduce stress, but also the cost of running and maintaining an office fish tank. Aqualease are one such company that provide a first class fish tank rental service.

Aqualease have a fantastic range of office fish tanks, guaranteed to brighten up your workplace. Whether you have a lot of room to spare or not, Aqualease have the solution for you. The office fish tank range includes a wide range of column fish tanks that range from 5ft 6" to a huge 6ft as well as smaller cabinet fish tanks that are not only smaller, but double up as a great storage solution for paperwork.

Aqualease have a team of fish tank technicians that are able to install and set up any one of their incredible office fish tanks and return at regular intervals to make sure you, your office fish tank and your fish are happy. From general maintenance to regular servicing, everything Aqualease provide is included in the office fish tank rental price. Not only that, but Aqualease will supply you with a full supply of fish food on every visit as well.

Aqualease's office fish tank rentals have many benefits for businesses of any size that want the excitement and attraction of an office fish tank, but aren't sure how, or have the time, to maintain it. All you have to do is remember to feed the fish!

About the author: Aqualease specialise in hassle free fish tank rentals with features to enhance your home or business environment.


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