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Taking Care Of Your Fish Tank

In all there are more than 20,000 types of fish. There is virtually no way possible anyone can outline how to care for fish and aquariums in a single group of articles. About the best that anyone can do is give you a few basic concepts, care instructions, etc, and allow you to go from there. Since aquariums, rather water and fish produce toxins you will want to learn about such toxins in aquarium and fish care.

Aquariums are containers which provide fish a habitat filled with water. Aquariums are often shaped like boxes, which fish and related aquatic animals, as well as plants are stored. The water supplies oxygen and/or air for fish to breathe, which means the water must be constantly maintained in order for the fish and plants to survive. Temperature is important as well, since unlike furry critters, fish cannot control their essence of temperature. Dehumidifiers and humidifiers can help you maintain a balanced temperature in the air, which will affect water. Ultimately, you have fish gauges, which help you to monitor the temperatures in water.

In addition, fish in tanks or aquariums are subject to bacteria and toxins. Since, bacteria and toxins are produced faster in aquariums for the reason that unlike land, fish in water do not have natural fighters against such contaminants. With this in mind, we see that fish require high eminence of water to survive. In addition, aquariums often tank salt water creatures, as well as fresh water fish. It is important that you understand the difference and how to maintain water supply for both species. Still, the two are similar in comparison as far as fish care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any websites that I can see pictures of different fish tank set ups?
    I want to see how it would look best to set up my fish tank and google images is not helping much.

    • ANSWER:
      You could go to Youtube. They show you images of fish tanks and they also show videos. It's also because the web site is a place to upload videos and watch them.

    Can you please send me pictures of your tropical fish tank set ups?
    i have a tank but i just want some more ideas where to place plant as i only have one and i am getting some more on sunday or monday

    • ANSWER:
      this is my tank

      i am also painting a back ground with mountains, asian citys and chinese letters as clouds

      and Thomas thanks for posting my tank as one of your friends i guess...i can also send you tons of pic all though the process of the tank if you want me to prove it really mine

      here is one of about 2-3 month ago before adding the newer and better lucky banboo really should not be in a tank for to long

      also you should look up Takashi Amano...he has the best planted tank ever.....just look in google

    Help. Betta Fish Tank Set Up (Picture Included)?
    My betta's heater broke today so I'm heading to Petsmart in a few minutes to go buy another one.

    I've been noticing my tank seems kind of .. empty and plain.
    Any suggestions on more decorations ?

    Here's a picture of my tank.

    Pls & Thanks!
    ** Also ! If you have a betta tank, send me a picture of yours! Thanks.
    & to those who asked, my betta tank is 3 gallons.

    • ANSWER:
      The best way to jazz up a tank is a background. You get get plain ones, usually in blue, or really swish ones with full-on riverscapes. I have one on my tank (sorry, no pictures yet) and it really adds a lot of depth and colour.
      You can also place something like java fern or amazon sword plant, or even just a silk plant, in front of the heater and filter, wich will hide the ugly but necessary tubes and such like. :) A bubblestone behind a plant can give a nice sense of movement because it causes the plant to sway gently. They can also be placed behind or under ornaments for a nifty effect.
      Tall plants towards the back with shorter ones at the front will give a sense of depth. They can be live or silk, bettas enjoy both. :)
      Personally I would remove the colourful stones from the gravel and leave it plain black, which really makes the colours of plants and fish pop, but that's just me. I'm a fan of natural looking tanks. :)
      I really like the rock. It's quirky and has lovely colours. You also have a very pretty fish there. :)

    What do you think of my fish tank set-up (with picture links)?
    Do you think the setup makes it too crowded for all the fish I have?
    2 female bettas
    2 platys
    3 black skirt tetras
    3 guppies
    1 corydora catfish
    2 african dwarf frogs

    do you think they are happy with their environment? I feel like they are but I like to hear
    other peoples opinions =]

    • ANSWER:
      I think your setup looks good for the fish you have. People will tell you that you need to change the numbers of schooling fish in your tanks, but if they're healthy as they are, I wouldn't worry about it. Heavily planted and decorated tanks are always good in my opinion. I bet your fish are happy.

    What Cichlid Fish Tank set up do you have? What should I have?
    I have been a fish hobbyist for over 2 years and have had bad luck with PH as my tap water is over 8.0! So I just set up a 55 gallon a few weeks ago to go with cichlids who like high PH. I know there are lots of cichlids to choose from that originate from different lakes etc. I don't know exactly what I want, (let alone easy to find) something with color and I have one convict from a friend but can sell him. I like Oscars and African assorted. WHAT SHOULD I GET?? WHAT DO YOU HAVE?? PLEASE ADD PICTURES!! And what algae eater looks nice and fits in? THANKS!!
    Can you ad snails? and if so will they be eaten and any other fish you can ad or algae eaters (Not plecos)... Thanks for the 'convict comment' I also know convicts have low value but i can get credit from local pet store.

    • ANSWER:
      A 55 really isn't too bad size wise for cichlids so you should have a few good options.
      Cichlid wise I have kept only New Worlds: Angelfish, Jack Dempseys (regulars and electric blues), an Oscar and German Blue Rams.
      In a 55, I wouldn't do an Oscar. These guys can reach 14+ inches in length and create a lot of waste when they get large... a 55 is about 12 inches wide (front to back) not giving a full grown O room to turn around. Plus the water won't stay clean for very long.
      You could possibly do a pair of JDs in the 55 though with enough filtration. I have a pair in a 55 running a Penguin 350 and Emperor 280 to filter the water. They look amazing when completely colored up and breeding.
      Another option would be a heavily planted Angelfish tank. I've got 5 in a 55 with a pair of Rams. I had 6, but one male was super aggressive so I had to rehome him. Just something you have to watch for with any cichlid though.
      You could do a tank with different dwarf cichlids on bottom with a few schools of fish swimming around the mid and top levels. Rams or Apistos would be a good choice.
      A friend of mine has a 4 Firemouths with 2 Honderan Red Points in his tank and it looks pretty nice.
      If you wanted to go with Africans you could try something like Acei, Yellow Labs and Rustys in a tank. I think a trio of each would work (1M 2F).
      Another Option could be different shelldwellers.

      Unfortunately Africans aren't my strong suite though lol.
      Hope these ideas helped.

      Apparently you are the one that doesn't know anything about keeping fish after 25+ years. Either that or you're stuck in the past living off old knowledge. And yes I would rather be owning my own pet store, but with the economy how it is that isn't the case. So even with a degree, experience doing field research and 7 years experience working at a zoo I am now working at a pet store as an employee...
      You are right about a GT working, but that would be the only fish possible for the tank. But here is where you don't make any sense.... you say a GT will work, but a JD won't. Both of these guys reach a similar size and a GT in general is will be more active than a JD (can differ fish to fish of course). But still you say that a JD is too big for a 55.... lol
      Also like I stated to do 2 JDs in a 55 you really need a pair. My pair gets along great in their 55 and are constantly together with no signs of aggression towards each other, and this isn't the first time I've housed a pair of JDs together in a 55 with the same result.
      Finally lots of rocks and driftwood are definitely needed, but MOST cichlids will either tear apart plants completely or at the very least uproot them when they go to move things around their tank (a common cichlid trait).

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