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Where To Buy Tropical Aquarium Tank Fish

There are thousands of stores specializing in aquarium supplies and just as many operating on the internet so when it comes to having set up your fish tank and being ready to buy your first fish a big question is really where you should purchase them from.

Most pet stores offer at least a small range of fish and fish keeping equipment and unless you are very unlucky you should have one of these stores very close to your home. The real problem with buying fish from a local pet store is that not only may the fish have been in the shop for quite a while getting stressed but the owner of the store will probably have little specialist knowledge.

On the flip side many suppliers of aquarium fish on the internet are specialists who have a huge amount of knowledge about the fish they are selling. In this manner you could expect far better information and advice with regards to making your final decision. Whilst buying aquarium supplies online is generally a simple and cheap way to get set up the problem with buying live animals is that you don't have a chance to carefully examine them before paying and the creatures you buy may well have to travel a long distance to your house which may cause stress.

Specialist aquarium stores that you could visit may show to be the best option because you can't only expect staff who know what they are talking about and can provide accurate advice but you then have a chance to see the fish prior to deciding to buy. Specialist retailers like this will typically in addition have a far greater range of equipment and livestock that you should choose from greatly increasing your odds of getting exactly what you're looking for.

One final point worth mentioning are aquarium clubs where many fish keepers gather to show off their fish and possibly sell some. You'll probably see an excellent range of species including some very rarely available and will have the chance to chat to experienced fish keepers. Once again the one concern would be that the fish may have traveled some distance to get to the meeting and you'll need to be aware of what will happen if the fish die soon after getting home. Try to take the details of anyone you buy from to be able to contact them in the future with any questions you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Where are cheap store where i can buy fish or fish tank in Australia?

    PS Australia - Brisbane

    • ANSWER:
      haha! i live in north brisbane! up here there are many places you can buy both. for a cheap fish tank/aquarium, it would be best to look in stores that specialise in aquariums. i think there are some warehouses at southbank (south brisbane). for fish you should check out the local fish stores in your area. if you think they are charging too much, try checking out the 'weekend shopper' in the saturday newspaper. you can get fish like guppies for as little as a dollar! there are also second hand AND new aquariums, stands, hoods and accesories that you can pick up dirt cheap. hmmmm thats all i an think of really! good luck, i'm searching for an aquarium in a few months too! i'm sure we will find something, eh? hope this helped! =]

    where can i get fish stuff really cheap in Sydney, Australia?
    i want a goldfish. my dad said he has to think about it. i want to buy as much of the things needed to take care of it as possible. that includes a fish tank, filter (if not already in the tank), food, salt.......

    plz help me! i will give everyone who answers one point. (but only if their answer is not stupid.)

    (p.s. i have .45 Aust. currency.)

    • ANSWER:
      Have you thought about looking to see if someone is selling their used fish tank etc? You could get a really good deal that way.
      You could also check on ebay - local pickup options can be good.

      If you find a good deal make sure you get your dad to organise the purchase. Do not meet anyone selling things or in the paper without an adult.

    How come fish tanks are so expensive in Australia?
    Whenever I am on Y!Answers, Americans etc alway talk about how much ten gallon tanks cost, which is always about 10-20 dollars.

    and 20 and 30 gallons which are like 30-50 dollars.

    In Melbourne tanks cost about 50 dollars on it's own for a 25l tank.

    I'm just interested why it's so much cheaper in American and stuff?

    And does anyone know any good cheap stores to buy tanks?
    I'm thinking of getting a 75 gallon, and the one at my store costs 970 dollars on it's own!

    • ANSWER:
      Tell me about it!!!!

      I'm in Sydney and the tanks (even through wholesale) are so expensive.

      Although there are reasons. The majority of them are australian made and also the quality of glass and silicone in the tanks here are much better than what I've owned while I lived overseas.

      Thankfully I now have a wonderful father-in-law that works for a glass company and I have a fantastic tank he's built for me cost free.

    how much would a 2.5 gallon fish tank cost on average in australia?
    hi i bought a betta yesterday and i am going to buy a tank today.how much would a 2.5 gallon fish tank cost on average in australia, and where is the cheapest place. i've got my betta in a HUGE jug for now.
    regards, Dominic.

    • ANSWER:
      shouldnt you have braught the tank first

      in NZD $

    ok so here is the deal. I have about a 19 gallon tank its gonna have all tropical fish but not saltwater but don't know what kinds to put in I want some that look good but not REALLY expensive the most expensive they can be are about... 35 dollars TOPS keep in mind I live in Australia so I cant have a piranha (lol)

    p.s im gonna buy some real cheap fish first to see if the tank is ok for the more expencive ones

    • ANSWER:
      Get some tetras, they come in a variety of sizes and colors and they are easy to keep.

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