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Where To Buy Tropical Aquarium Tank Fish

There are thousands of stores specializing in aquarium supplies and just as many operating on the internet so when it comes to having set up your fish tank and being ready to buy your first fish a big question is really where you should purchase them from.

Most pet stores offer at least a small range of fish and fish keeping equipment and unless you are very unlucky you should have one of these stores very close to your home. The real problem with buying fish from a local pet store is that not only may the fish have been in the shop for quite a while getting stressed but the owner of the store will probably have little specialist knowledge.

On the flip side many suppliers of aquarium fish on the internet are specialists who have a huge amount of knowledge about the fish they are selling. In this manner you could expect far better information and advice with regards to making your final decision. Whilst buying aquarium supplies online is generally a simple and cheap way to get set up the problem with buying live animals is that you don't have a chance to carefully examine them before paying and the creatures you buy may well have to travel a long distance to your house which may cause stress.

Specialist aquarium stores that you could visit may show to be the best option because you can't only expect staff who know what they are talking about and can provide accurate advice but you then have a chance to see the fish prior to deciding to buy. Specialist retailers like this will typically in addition have a far greater range of equipment and livestock that you should choose from greatly increasing your odds of getting exactly what you're looking for.

One final point worth mentioning are aquarium clubs where many fish keepers gather to show off their fish and possibly sell some. You'll probably see an excellent range of species including some very rarely available and will have the chance to chat to experienced fish keepers. Once again the one concern would be that the fish may have traveled some distance to get to the meeting and you'll need to be aware of what will happen if the fish die soon after getting home. Try to take the details of anyone you buy from to be able to contact them in the future with any questions you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what are good places to buy bigger fish tanks?
    iv been lookin for just a bigger fish tank for my turtles and i cant find any. so if u guys know any sites that have just the 40 long galloin tank please leave the website here.thank you

    • ANSWER:
      40 gallons are fairly easy to find. If you cant find one look at your local farm store for a rubbermaid stock tank. they make excellent turtle homes

    Should I buy a bigger fish tank or is a 2.5 gallon tank big enough for 4 small fish, and 2 medium?
    I have 3 im not sure what there called but there abut 7 cm each, one zebra fish about 7 cm, one red tailed shark that is about 1 inch long and a oplique gorami, which is about 1.5 inches long

    • ANSWER:
      no way. You definetly need a bigger tank than 2.5 gallons. Zebra danios are very active and needs alot of space usually playing tag with each other. They also need to be kept in schools of at least 5. Opaline gouramis get quite big and need a 20 gallon aquarium at least. Definetly not suited for a 2.5 gallon tank or should i say box. Your fishes will definetly need a bigger tank so pleaseeee buy a bigger tank don't be cheap. Be a fish owner not a fish keeper.

    I cant afford to buy a big fish tank, is there a cheaper way to build one? And with what materials?
    Obviously I cant build the filter or heater, but the glass part itself. Experience would be nice.

    • ANSWER:
      You can build one, but it won't necessarily be cheaper. It is an interesting challenge, however, if you like doing that sort of thing.

      The materials are plate glass and aquarium-safe silicone cement. That's all.
      Tools you will need are various braces, glass cutters (if you cut the glass yourself), and a glass scraper to remove excess silicone after it sets.
      "Salvage" glass is cheaper. This is glass that has been used before, or left-over pieces from larger projects. It may have some scratches, but if you put the scratches on the inside of the tank, they won't show much when it is full of water. Choose the best piece for the front of the tank.
      The pieces must be cut very square and accurately so they will meet at all edges. The strength of the tank depends on this.

      There's not room here to get into much more detail, but do a web search on "Aquarium construction," or "DIY Aquarium," and you'll get some other people's accounts of building one and some plans.

      Another method is build the tank of marine plywood, with a plate glass front panel, and then coat the plywood with several layers of waterproof epoxy. I've only heard of this being done for tanks that are quite large.

      A third method is to cut and chemically weld sheets of acrylic. This is beyond my skill set, but I know a couple of aquarium hobbyists who make their own acrylic tanks.

      However, if you spend the time it would take to build a tank searching for a good used (professionally-made) tank, you will probably spend less money on the tank and have a more reliable and better-looking tank to boot.
      As I said, it depends on how much you like the idea of making your own tank, and probably also if you have worked with glass or the other materials mentioned here before.

      You can, in fact, build a filter, but that's another subject. You can even build one in to the aquarium you're building. I've built several filters for large tanks. I'd be scared to try a do-it-myself heater, given that I'm not much of an electrician, but I'm sure some people have done it.

    Where can i buy a big fish tank?
    I am upgrading my 30 gallon tank with 3 fancy goldfish to something really huge! I want a 90 gallon-125 gallon tank but I haven't found out where to get them. I looked at a local petco and the internet and haven't found a thing. :(

    thanx for the answers :)

    • ANSWER:
      a really great place (online) to get them is...

      really great prices!
      Best of luck!
      <3 K

    Anybody know where I can buy a big fish tank in duluth georgia?
    anybody know someone selling their fish tank?
    or send me websites where i can get on real cheap?

    like Craig's list or something

    • ANSWER:
      i'd try walmart, websites like ebay and craigs list, if not there then id go to petco or something.

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