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Why The Fish Tank Coffee Table Is Dreaded By Fish

If I were a fish I would hope and prey I did not go to a modern trendy home where the owners liked the latest craze. At the moment the latest trend is the fish tank coffee table. Although this type of aquarium looks stunning it is a death trap for fish. They are beautiful looking items of furniture and become the centre of attraction since you cannot fail to see and admire it.

Why the Fish Tank Coffee Table are Called Death Traps for the Fish?

The fish tank coffee table is a great piece of interior home décor; however, the same fish tank coffee table is actually murdering the fish. The reason they are cruel to marine life is because this type of aquarium gives very little place for installing proper filters, and it allows very little maintenance. The fish have height but they need the width as well in order to feel comfortable. The fish actually feel very uncomfortable if they have to swim between the different heights that make the fish tank coffee table.A solution to this problem would be mechanical fish.

If you do not want your fish in this type of aquarium to die a slow and very painful death then the best solution is to replace your live fish with mechanical fish. This way your fish tank coffee table stays as a splendid interior decoration piece without harming anyone or anything.

A Modern Looking Fish Tank Coffee Table

If you must have live fish in your fish tank coffee table then a large rectangular one would be best. This would also enable you to install adequate filters underneath the base of the table. This type of aquarium will be better for fish to live. So in order for the fish to be comfortable, they will need to be accommodated in a rectangular and long aquarium. The larger the surface the more fish can live in there.

Alternative Fish Tank Coffee Tables That Do Not Have Live Fish!

There is another choice for people who really must have a fish tank coffee table and do not like the idea of mechanical fish. You can fill a tank with colorful decorations and plants and add to it oxygen pumps which let out small and big bubbles. This, in combination with good lighting, can be as beautiful as an aquarium, without making you guilty of any cruelty. There are some lovely looking plants and colored stones and ornaments which are available to buy at very cheap prices and would really make your display the centre of attention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    cheap fish tanks on a budget?
    i have a 30 gallon fish tank (2 feet long/1 feet wide/17 inchs high) my mother found a 55 gallon tank with a crack in a garage sale and i was wondering first of all is there any thing to seal this crack cause she was going to get it for 20 but didnt cause the crack. anyways im looking for a 55 or more gallon tank for about 20-40 bucks i know compared to stores who sell it for 400 that my budget is a big stretch from reality but i was wondering if craiglist or ebay sells them for about this much or should i just wait till i get an "amazing" deal like that again.

    • ANSWER:

    100-180 gallon fish tank?
    is there anybody in victorville,ca or hesperia,apple valley who has a tank for sale cheap with or without stand old or new but great condition i need a tank that big cuz i got 3 flowerhorns 2 jacc dempseys blk convict jewel fish i a 30 g less than 200 buccs plz i realy need it

    • ANSWER:
      Look at Craig's List. I did a quick search in the Apple Valley CA area and found some listings for large tanks.

      Yahoo Answers is not the best place for buying stuff, if its even permitted. Check out Craig's list, or betetr yet your local Aquarium Society of which there is one in North LA county and 1 in Hesparia.

    Where can I buy a 5 gallon filter for a cheap price?
    ok so I have a 5 gallon tank currently being used for my 2 hermit crabs Zig and Honey Bee. Anyway when they die I was thinking of changing the tank into a fish tank. I have fish food ,dechlorinator ( sorry can't spell) and gravel. I was thinking where can I buy a 5 gallon tank filter for a cheap price? p.s I live with my dad ( I am only 14 years old) and he is big on coupons and sales and stuff. So any store/website I could buy/order from that sells 5 gallon filters for a cheap price? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      you can get the tetra whisperer filter . its easy to use and it costs around 6-20 dollars.

    240 Gallon Saltwater Fish Tnak good Deal?
    SO i Came across a 240 gallon fish tank and just wanted to to know if it was a good deal or not.

    The tank is a 240 Gallon Salt Water aquarium, it has a 36W Turbo twist UV Filter, a sump that has a pump, bio balls and large protein skimmer. I forget the name and size, but it is 3 times bigger then the tank needs so you are very good to go. It also has a NuClear filter with very large pump. The ring on the NuClear may need to be changed though. They are very cheap and can be found easily online. The fish in the tank are as follows;

    1 - Dog Face Puffer
    1 - Porcupine Puffer
    1 - Wrasse - I forget the name of it, but very colorful (cannot be mixed with other Wrasses though)
    2 - Toad Fish - 1 large and 1 very large
    1 - Angler - I forget the type it is its a spotted, but cannot remember the type. Its like a brownish maybe turquoise color
    1 - Rabbit Fish
    1 - Rare Squirrel Fish - He is a very dark red with golden fins except the top fin is a very vibrant pink

    Huge amounts of live rock and the bottom of the tank is coral and sand mixed. The tank has always been professionally maintained and has been running for 1 year now.

    Its on Sale for 0.00

    • ANSWER:
      dude thats worth thousands

    anyone know a website where i can buy "All - Glass" or other cheap aquariums?
    I tried looking up "all glass aquarium sale" (without quotes) but i couldnt find anyone. i need a biger fish tank for my pleco soon he's 2 inches now living with 4 1 inch zebra danios in a 7 gallon tank, but he's going to get really big. im going to get a 29 gallons tank for now and get a 60-80 gallon tank after that. how many month or years will it be till he gets too big for the 29 gallon tank on average?

    • ANSWER:
      I would say at least in a year or less he will have out grown the 29 gallon. They grow quite quickly, and if you keep him in the 29 too long it will stunt his growth and can cause problems further down the road. If you have any type of bargain finder, or buy and sell website for your area, often times you can find great deals on used equipment. Like in my area I have kijiji, buy and sell, and there are also others.

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